Who had the shortest tenure as Governor General of Pakistan?

A. Iskendar Mirza
B. Ghulam Muhammad
C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
d. Kh. Nazimmuddin

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First ever Chinese Newspaper was launched in Pakistan is____________? A. China Daily B. Hushang C. Xinmin D. Shinghai Daily
Where the Pakistan’s first radio station was setup? A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Multan D. Islamabad
Who is the author of Hunter par Hunter? A. Deputy Nazir Ahmed B. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan C. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan D. None of these
The First Urdu Newspaper was_____________? A. Jam-e-Jahan Numa B. Nawai-e-waqt C. Imroz D. Indian Gazette
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