When the 17th amendment bill was ratified by the President?

A. Dec 29, 2003
B. Dec 30, 2003
C. Dec 31, 2003
D. None of these

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SAFTA was signed on 6 January 2004 in_______________? A. 10 SAARC summit B. 11 SAARC summit C. 12 SAARC summit D. 13 SAARC summit
Who was the second Governor-General of Pakistan? A. Liaquat Ali Khan B. Abdul Rab Nishter C. Raja Ghazanfar D. Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din
The State Bank of Pakistan was established on____________? A. 30 june 1948 B. 29 june 1948 C. 28 june 1948 D. 1st july 1948
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