Under which Article Governor Rule is imposed in case of failure of constitutional machinery in the province?

A. 234
B. 236
C. 238
D. 240

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Who is the Current Chairman of Senate of Pakistran? A. Ahsan iqbal B. Dr.zafar Iqbal C. Raza Rabbani D. Sadiq Sanjrani
When All-Indian Muslim League observed ‘Day of Deliverance’? A. 22 October 1938 B. 22 December 1938 C. 22 October 1939 D. 22 December 1939
Pakistan Television started in the reign of_____________? A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto B. Yahya Khan C. Zia Ul Haq D. Ayub Khan
Which city of Pakistan is called city of lights? A. Peshawar B. Multan C. Karachi D. Lahore
“The future form of Government would be federal to be joined by provinces and Indian states.” This principle was settled in? A. Nehru Report B. 1st Round Table Conference C. Simon Report D. Minto – Morley Reforms, 1909
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