The rains have set ______.

A. In
B. Of
C. On
D. Out

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Synonym of Cordial is _____________? A. Unpleasant B. Pleasant C. Heart D. Love
Synonym of handful is _____________? A. Busy person B. Bad Event C. Body part D. Small number
Synonym of Raze is _____________? A. Level B. Defect C. Pluck D. Taunt
Antonym of “impecunious” is _________. A. wealthy B. cautious C. hungry D. tardy
I told him _____ play cricket. A. don’t B. to not C. not to D. didn’t
THANKS : GRATITUDE : : A. Courtesy : Manners B. Salutation : Flag C. Protest : Resentment D. Trial : Error
Synonym of ABATE is _____________? A. Postpone B. Abandon C. Diminish D. Increase
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