The problem ____________a lot of thought.

A. Calls for
B. comes across
C. calls on
D. comes into

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One who able to use the right and left hands equally well: A. Sinister B. Ambidextrous C. Ambivalent D. Amateur 
Please do not get angry __ me. A. with B. on C. at D. towards
A man who’s eighty years old? A. Centenary B. Septuagenarian C. Octogenarian D. Immortal
Antonym of “peaked” is _________. A. tired B. arrogant C. pointy D. ruddy
Synonym of Shelve is? A. Cancel B. Discuss C. Reconsider D. Postpone
Job descriptions are also called as____________? A. Task oriented B. Task analysis C. performance oriented D. Credit analysis
I knew he ____ fail in exam. A. shall B. will C. would D. both A & B
Synonym of Lambast is _____________? A. Entomb B. Reprimand C. Cease D. Forbear
Our plan _____ to succeed. A. Bid fair B. Pass by C. Boil down D. Hand and galore
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