The doctor advised the patient ______________________.

A. That no to neglect his health
B. To not to neglect his health
C. Not to neglect his health
D. Don’t neglect your health

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Synonym of “superfluous” is _________? A. flowing B. disdainful C. ornate D. unnecessary
I promise to ___________you in all circumstances. A. stand up to B. stand with C. stand off D. stand by
Synonym of Infringe is _____________? A. Breach B. Escape C. Hard D. Bound
I’ve already told you I’m in the____________? A. Place B. Area C. Spot D. Location
Synonym of Undergo is _____________? A. Lambast B. Thief C. Lay to rest D. Experience
To play fast and loose ___________? A. To beguile others B. To be winning sometimes and losing at other times C. To play with someone’s feeling D. To play tricks
He is used to _____ cricket. A. play B. played C. playing D. plays
Synonym of Lambast is _____________? A. Entomb B. Reprimand C. Cease D. Forbear
Synonym of “expunge” is ________. A. drain B. lie C. distort D. obliterate
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