That which can never be believed:

A. Irrevocable
B. Inevitable
C. Incredible
D. Irritable

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Reading quickly and well requires practice. The “Reading” word is a? A. Infinitive B. Verb C. Gerund D. Present Participle
Synonym of backbone is _____________? A. Front bone B. Spine C. Back D. B & C both
One who able to use the right and left hands equally well: A. Sinister B. Ambidextrous C. Ambivalent D. Amateur 
Synonym of GAUNT A. Weighty B. Bony C. Fatty D. Big statement
Synonym of “calumny” is ____________. A. compliment B. cleverness C. slander D. hardship
Synonym of Scrumptious _____________? A. Tasty B. Old C. Filthy D. Bumpy
Backstairs influence means? A. Political influence B. Backing influence C. Deserving and proper influence D. Secret and unfair influence
Synonym of Prolix is? A. To Promote B. To Prolong C. To proactive D. To Provide
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