Synonym of Sumptuous is _____________?

A. Swampy
B. Irritable
C. Meager
D. Splendid

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What is meaning of growth? A. Change related to measurement B. Change related to result C. Both A. and B. D. None of these
The Paralympics is a competition for the ______________. A. disadvantaged B. discouraged C. disabled D. despised
Synonym of “hamlet” is _________? A. actor B. benefactor C. small rodent D. village E. introvert
He __________ a lot of reading in his free time. A. does B. is C. reads D. doesn’t
What is the meaning of big draw? A. A keen contest B. A huge attraction C. A lovely spectacle D. A game without any result
Synonym of Cajole is _____________? A. Flattery B. Embezzle C. Knowledge D. Satiate
What is the meaning of mano a mano (Spanish construction)? A. Hand to hand B. Street to street C. District to district D. City to city
Plough a lonely furrow means______________________? A. Remain unaffected B. Do without the help of others C. Survive in isolation D. Remain non-aligned
Detaining and confining someone is? A. interruption B. interrogation C. internment D. intermittent
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