Synonym of “inordinate” is _________?

A. excessive
B. illegal
C. bad
D. demanding

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Synonym of “calumny” is ____________. A. compliment B. cleverness C. slander D. hardship
She is totally obedient ____ him. A. of B. to C. both A & B D. None
What is the Synonym of Bonhomie? A. Affability B. Big C. Turbulent D. Grope
No sooner did the thief see the policeman _____________. A. He ran away B. He had run away C. When he ran away D. Then he ran away
Antonym of “gainsay” is _______. A. regret B. own C. prudent D. prude
Antonym of “bemuse” is _______? A. depress B. inspire C. clarify D. desire
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Government By The Rich Is Called A. Oligarchy B. Aristocracy C. Pantisocracy D. Plutocracy
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