Synonym of Boulevard is _____________?

A. Vortex
B. Turbulence
C. Avenue
D. Whirlpool

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The man ___________down the road is my brother. A. Hurry B. Hurried C. To hurry D. Hurrying
Synonym of handful is _____________? A. Busy person B. Bad Event C. Body part D. Small number
Synonym of Manoeuvre is _________? A. Stultify B. Intrigue C. Stupefy D. Fatigue
Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something: A. Coercion B. Conviction C. Confession D. Cajolement
I knew he ____ fail in exam. A. shall B. will C. would D. both A & B
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Antonym of “spurious” is _______________. A. flexible B. thoughtless C. provident D. genuine
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