Stew in ones own juice means?

A. To fight with his mind
B. To destroy his memory
C. Suffer in his own juice
D. Suffer for his own act

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Passive Voice of “People speak English all over the world”. A. English is spoken by people. B. English was spoken all over the world. C. English was spoken by people. D. English is spoken all over the world.
What is the meaning of big draw? A. A keen contest B. A huge attraction C. A lovely spectacle D. A game without any result
Government By The Rich Is Called A. Oligarchy B. Aristocracy C. Pantisocracy D. Plutocracy
I dont agree with you; I think_______________________________? A. It is fairly good film B. It is rather a good film C. It is rather fairly good film D. It is fairly rather good film
She is scared ______ snake. A. from B. with C. of D. by
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