Small piece of silicon on which integrated circuits are implicated is called?

A. Card Reader
B. Hollerith Code
C. Feed
D. Chip

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Double fourier series analysis of PWM is_____________? A. Two dimensional functions B. Three dimensional functions C. One dimensional functions D. All of these
In a three phase voltage source inverters____________? A. Only amplitude of voltage is controllable B. Only phase is controllable C. Both amplitude and phase is controllable D. Amplitude, phase and freq...
In the SPWM, the modulating signal is___________? A. Square B. Sinusoidal C. Triangular D. Saw – tooth
Typical range of thyristor turn OFF time is______________? A. 3 – 10 µs B. 3 – 50 µs C. 3 – 100 µs D. 3 – 500 µs
What is used to protect a thyristor from high di / dt conditions__________? A. Fuse. B. Snubber circuit C. Inductor D. Voltage clamping device
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Anode current in an SCR consists of____________? A. Holes only B. Electrons only C. Either electron or holes D. Both electron and holes
The curve between V and I of SCR when anode is positive w.r.t cathode and when anode is negative w.r.t cathode are known as_____________________? A. both as forward characteristics B. both as reverse characteristics C. Former as forward characteristics and later as reverse characteristics D. ...
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