Our plan _____ to succeed.

A. Bid fair
B. Pass by
C. Boil down
D. Hand and galore

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Oh yes. Are you_________Away? A. Distant B. Long C. Far D. Quite
Well, I did__________a lot of money on it. A. Dispense B. Pass C. Spend D. Dispose
Choose the correct meaning of ENERVATE. A. Weaken B. Strengthen C. Energetic D. Excite
Synonym of Wheedle is? A. Fast B. Cajole C. Waive D. Slander
What is the Synonym of Sham? A. Fake B. Deplorable C. Purse D. Robust
Synonym of abandon is _____________? A. Leave B. Abstract C. Abduct D. None of these
Synonym of “prevalent” is _________. A. wind B. servile C. widespread D. rare
One who able to use the right and left hands equally well: A. Sinister B. Ambidextrous C. Ambivalent D. Amateur 
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