Not really. I’m quite____________?

A. Nearer
B. Near
C. Next
D. Nearly

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Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something: A. Coercion B. Conviction C. Confession D. Cajolement
Synonym of Kidnap is _____________? A. Appaling B. Abduct C. Renounce D. All the above
Synonym of Assailant is _____________? A. Jubilant B. Turncoat C. Assaulter D. Reticent
John said he __________to play at home. A. Would prefer B. Prefer C. Will prefer D. Had preferred
Pull your socks up: A. To get ready B. To finish C. To start D. To improve
Synonym of Moratorium is _____________? A. Austerity B. Embargo C. Lienancy D. Sereness
Synonym of “calumny” is ____________. A. compliment B. cleverness C. slander D. hardship
What is the meaning of Chastity? A. To abstain from sexual relation B. To engulf in sexual relation C. To whip someone D. To infertile someone 
The doctor advised the patient ______________________. A. That no to neglect his health B. To not to neglect his health C. Not to neglect his health D. Don’t neglect your health
Choose the correct meaning of ENERVATE. A. Weaken B. Strengthen C. Energetic D. Excite
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