Which of the following metal occurs in free state ______________?

A. Lead
B. Iron
C. Mercury
D. Copper

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Conductivity comes under the ___________ monitoring of the lake a) Physical b) Chemical c) Biological d) Organic
The degree of ionisation is given by____________ a) α = λv * λα b) α = λv / λα c) α = λv – λα d) α = λv + λα
If the standard hydrogen electrode is used as the reduction electrode, then the emf is given by__________ a) Ered = -Eo + (5/n ) log10 . b) Ered = -Eo – (0.0591/n ) log10 . c) Ered = Eo + (0.0591/n ) log10 . d) Ered = -Eo + (0.0591/n ) log10 .
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