I _____ an old friend in the market this morning.

A. came around
B. came round
C. came across
D. came with

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Passive Voice of “People speak English all over the world”. A. English is spoken by people. B. English was spoken all over the world. C. English was spoken by people. D. English is spoken all over the world.
Choose the correct sentence: A. I have a decent house to live B. I have a decent house to live in C. I have a decent houses to live in D. I have decent houses to live
An unexpected piece of good fortune is? A. windfall B. philanthrophy C. benevolence D. turnstile
The man ___________down the road is my brother. A. Hurry B. Hurried C. To hurry D. Hurrying
Antonym of Elastic is _____________? A. Yielding B. Rigid C. Mold-able D. Supple
Synonym of Outclass is _____________? A. Surpass B. Humiliate C. Incur D. Detest
He exclaimed with shock ______________________. A. That it was a very tragic accident B. That it is a tragic accident C. That it was a tragic accident D. It was a tragic accident
Please do not get angry __ me. A. with B. on C. at D. towards
Profigate Antonym is? A. Wildly extravagant B. Dissolute C. Dissipated D. Thrifty
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