Kingston is the capital of____________?

A. Kiribiti
B. Kosovo
C. Jamaica
D. None of these

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The Empire State Building is located in_______________? A. London B. Birmingham C. Paris D. New York City
Who has become the youngest mountaineer? A. Salena khawaja B. Saima amir C. Mehwish hafeez D. Amina arshad
World’s shortest woman is _________? A. Jyoti Amge B. Zainab Bibi C. Madge Bester D. Bridgettle Jordan
In which layer of atmosphere does commercial aircrafts usually fly? A. Stratosphere B. Troposphere C. Mesosphere D. Thermosphere
‘History of Wolves’ book was written by: A. Angie Thomas B. Aysha jalal C. Emily Fridlund D. Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
Which is the Second largest city of Pakistan A. RawalpindiB. LahoreC. MultanD. Quetta
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