Oh there goes the front door bell – oh it’s you! I might have___________.

A. Thought
B. Believed
C. Considered
D. Guessed

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Synonym of Manoeuvre is _________? A. Stultify B. Intrigue C. Stupefy D. Fatigue
Synonym of “expunge” is ________. A. drain B. lie C. distort D. obliterate
I told him _____ play cricket. A. don’t B. to not C. not to D. didn’t
Choose the correct meaning of ENERVATE. A. Weaken B. Strengthen C. Energetic D. Excite
Synonym of “inane” is _________? A. careless B. merry C. angry D. silly
The problem ____________a lot of thought. A. Calls for B. comes across C. calls on D. comes into
Antonym of “accelerate” is _______? A. delay B. risk C. monitor D. deny
Profigate Antonym is? A. Wildly extravagant B. Dissolute C. Dissipated D. Thrifty
Synonym of Wheedle is? A. Fast B. Cajole C. Waive D. Slander
Synonym of Assailant is _____________? A. Jubilant B. Turncoat C. Assaulter D. Reticent
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