ISSB Preparation Material

ISSB Preparation Tips

Here are ISSB preparation Tips which will help you prepare for ISSB tests better.


Your Handwriting is the mirror to judge your quality. Here are few tips for handwriting during ISSB.

  • Write neatly and legibly.
  • Since these tests are designed to calculate your IQ, try and complete, as many questions as possible; but at the same time, do not do so without thinking sufficiently.
  • Even 75% of the questions answered correctly will see you through.
  • Since every test is co-related, be positive in what you write.
  • Your pen picture should tally with your thoughts pen down.
  • Since you are being compared with all other candidates your best performance will take you to your ultimate Goal.

ISSB Word Association Test Tips

  • Write the first positive thought that comes to your mind.
  • Time given is 15 seconds to write.
  • The sentence need not be grammatically correct or the word used just to write a sentence. Remember this is not a Make a sentence type exam. This is designed to test your inner thoughts. So be careful in whatever you write.

ISSB Picture Story Writing Test Tips

The picture Story writing is an important test at ISSB.

  • You will get about 3 minutes for each story.
  • Do not write stereotype stories.
  • Try different theme for different stories. Remember you are the
  • The aim should be to bring out leadership qualities of the hero through these stories.

The story should be about 12 to 15 sentences:

3 for Past
6 for Present
3 for future

In the picture no 1. Mr. Ali was a hardworking and intelligent young man. His aim was to become a doctor, he started his preparation for his final year at the college. In the picture we see him preparing for the forthcoming entry test exams for MBBS. His hard work and dedication had paid him. He passed the exam with high grades. He continued his hard work in the MBBS too, and he passed out as the best doctor in his course.

Individual & Group Tasks

Tips for Individual And Group Task at ISSB.

  • By carefully following the suggestions you will be able to Project your OLQ (Officer Like Qualities) to the selectors at the Inter Services Selection Board.
  • Remember to be natural and calm, be your self, do your best, put the interest of the group before your own, and always be alert.
  • By being yourself your qualities are easily seen by the selectors.
  • All the selectors are well trained, so please do not use any unfair means are bluff.

What do they judge at SSB in Group Tasks?

  • Assessment of Candidate’s Participation within the formulated Rules
  • Planning and Intelligent Assessment of the situation
  • Individual Quality in context of the Group
  • Assuming control of a Group to execute a task
  • Assess the problem from different angles
  • Assign responsibility to Teammates
  • Ability to realize the Potential of Group Members
  • Capacity to motivate others
  • Alertness
  • Creative Thinking
  • Putting the Group before the Self
  • Helping Tendency
  • Originality of Thought
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Cooperation with Others
  • Group Integration
  • Planning and Execution
  • Leadership Initiative

Dos and Donts At ISSB


1. On arrival introduce your self to the reception staff and show your documents.
2. Make as many friends as possible at the reception center itself.
3. Remember you are being judged by your own batch mates right from the word go. Behave like a perfect Gentleman.
4. Keep a record of all the Biodata, for you will need this to fill up your arrival info form.
5. Do not give any false statement.
6. Always dress up neatly and appear smart. Before you leave your room to spend a minute in front of the mirror. A man/woman is judged by others, by what he wears and what he speaks.
7. Always address the group as Gentlemen or friends. His/her chest number allotted by the board should be used. (During Discussion and test only.)
8. Know each individual of your group by naming his qualification; this will help you during the GTOs Task. Try and become popular with them.
9. Take initiative, be co-operative. Listen to others. As the time is at a premium during discussions, speak up. Be bold and express your self clearly be brief and do not repeat what others have said. It is better to speak either first or second so that you will have an opportunity to put forward your points.
10. In psychological tests, Always write positive sentences/story it should bring out the officer like qualities (of which you have been taught.)
11. During the interview, if you do not know any answer politely say “I am sorry Sir, I don’t Know.”
12. Be calm, cool and attentive. Smile while you enter the interviewing room and also say thank you, at the time of departure. Your handshake should be firm.
13. The interviewing officer is a qualified gentleman, never bluff, you will get caught and spoil your chances of success.
14. Be confident, rehearse some favorite questions.


1. No lies/falsehood, please.
2. You have no bad points except to overwork to get perfection in any task undertaken.
3. Do not Waste your time unnecessarily read some magazines.
4. Don’t be tense take it easy, always think before you answer.

Group Planning

Here is an example of how ISSB group planning works.

You are a group of Nine college students, all of you went to River Ravi for enjoying a boat ride. While you were going boating, you saw a school bus carrying children for a picnic spot near the River. When you started boating down the river, you saw a Helicopter flying very low and crashed near Fort, which was 2 km away from your location. You also noticed that there was a lot of hue and cry of small children, who got stuck in the cable car just near to your boating site.

Two of your friends who went to investigate the Helicopter crash reported to you stating, that the Pilot was injured and a box, which he was carrying was to be delivered to ATC by 1500 hours, if not it would explode. The cable operator rushed towards you and requested you to help him out to repair the cable car and rescue the children. One of your friends told you that he had left his wallet containing money and important address in the nearby tea shop.

You were also required to reach the college hostel to attend the function at 1700 hours. The time now is 1430 hours.
Write your actions and discuss a suitable solution.

Assume resources available are
a) A Jeep
b) Traffic on the road
c) Phone at Local Hospital which is 6 Kms away from your location.
d) Road head is 2Kms from you
e) Fort is 4 km away from you

You have to plan according to your resources to achieve the ultimate goal.

ISSB Interview Tips

One of the most fundamental factors that contribute to the successful interview is the time and quality of preparation made by. Normally the President/ Vice President of the ISSB will conduct the personal Interview. They are very senior Officer from the Armed forces. The degree of preparedness for an interview helps reduce the uncertain anxiety prior to the Interview. The amount of effort you wish to put into preparation is directly proportional to your output at the interview.

How to plan your preparation? Preparation develops Confidence and gears you for the anticipated grilling.

Prepare the following:

  • Write down in a neat and legible handwriting the bio-data form.
  • Try to put down everything in an orderly and crisp manner.
  • Revise your Bio-data thoroughly.
  • Try to form your own questions based on it.
  • Answer them to your full satisfaction.
  • Check your Bio-Date for grammatical and spelling error.
  • Remember discerning interviewer expects Zero error in the Bio-Data.
  • Try and collect as much information about the City in which you live, your School, College, place of interview and places you have visited.
  • Be sure regarding your hobbies. For example, if you have written reading as a hobby, be sure about what you have been reading.
  • Interviewer expects a serious reply.
  • He expects the names of the authors and then will ask questions based on their themes. A serious reader will score over others who refer cheap detective, thriller novels.
  • The logic holds good for any other hobby you have mentioned in your bio-data form.
  • Be clear about your favorite subject and area of your interest in the subject, which you are/have specialized.
  • Refresh your knowledge.
  • The interviewer might ask you a few technical questions.
  • A well-groomed look gives an image of thoroughness and professional look.
  • Your achievements should be brought out in a systematic order as and when you are asked about it.
  • Follow the normal etiquette for the interview.
  • Wait for the officer to speak first Listen carefully before you speak.
  • Take a few long breaths this will calm down your nerves, after listening to the question carefully, clarify your doubts if any, before you answer the question.
  • Think well before you answer.
  • For more questions will follow your answers.
  • The New Technique adopted at the ISSB Interview is RAPID FIRE questions.
  • Listen to the questions carefully.
  • Think well before you answer, elaborate your answers and tactfully take him on to your strong points.
  • Do not overemphasize them.
  • Be very clear in your thought and expression.
  • Don’t speak in a low voice, be loud enough so that interviewer doesn’t have to strain their ears.
  • Be brief, brevity is the hallmark of a good communicator.
  • Answer all the questions in a sequence.
  • If you don’t know an answer, to be Honest.
  • The Interviewer will respect integrity and honesty.
  • Never Exaggerate.
  • Never boast about anything including your achievements.
  • Never enter into an argument with the interviewer on any topic.

Must Know these Stuff:

  • The rank structure of the armed forces.
  • The current events happening in the country and the world.
  • Knowledge about your city or town.
  • Your projects.
  • Why do you want to join the forces?
  • What will you do in case you do not get selected at selected? (this is to see how determined you are in achieving your aim). Have a plan B ready in your mind in case you exhaust all the chances then you will take up ——- job.
  • Maintain proper Eye contact with the person who asks you the Question. This shows your Confidence and honesty.
  • Avoid using frequently words and phrases like” I mean”, ” You know”, “well”, “as such” etc.
  • In the end, you want to ask the officer any questions please do so, if not then so politely “I have no questions to ask you, sir.”
  • Last but not the least, be NATURAL.
  • When the interview ends, if offered a Handshake, do so, if not just say, “Thank you for the wonderful evening and put the chair back to its original position before leaving.
  • Leave the place with a warm smile and a nod of the head.
  • Close the door gently and leave the room.

Your Appearance At ISSB

Appearance makes the man. You should dress up for the occasion. Here are few tips to enhance you appearance at ISSB.

  1. It is better for you to keep a small pocket Comb and a neat and clean Handkerchief.
  2. Freshen up yourself before you set foot in the interviewer’s room.
  3. Your warm smile, excellent etiquette, and a firm handshake will be a starting point.
  4. As we have brought out earlier, Rapid Fire questions are the order of them.
  5. It means you will be asked to answer a number of questions after listening to them just once.
  6. Please listen to the question carefully.
  7. If you have not understood the question then ask for the clarification.
  8. Try and answer the questions in the same sequence as put forth to you.
  9. Since the distance between you and the interviewing officer would be about 6 feet, you are expected to talk in a loud and clear voice.
  10. Take your time think and answer questions.
  12. You will be caught.
  13. Interviewing Officers usually hold the Rank of Lt. Colonel or its equivalent rank in the Navy/Air Force.
  14. a) Be tidy and well dressed. Wear simple clothes but well-fitting clothes.
  15. Do not wear Jewellery.
  16. On entering the room with the panel and do what they say.
  17. Do not get over anxious. A minor degree of nervousness is expected from everyone.
  18. Be Yourself.
  19. Be polite and use words like “Please”, “Sir”, Do not sound egoistic.
  20. Be natural and never convey extravagant ideas like ” I would die for my country” or ” The best profession is the Defence Forces “.
  21. Do not lie or beat around the bush. If you are not sure of the answer say that you do not know. You are not going to be penalized for saying it.
  22. Be brief, loud and clear.
  23. The major questions like Why do you want to join the Army/Navy/Air Force? There is no perfect answer to this question. While answering it try to convey 4 or 5 facts such as:
  • I will get an opportunity to learn and experience the latest technological inventions.
  • I like an outdoor life rather than a 10 to 5 desk job.
  • I will get an opportunity to mingle with all sorts of people and persons from different parts of the country.
  • In my opinion, the Uniformed forces offer reasonable pay and perks.
  • One of the most respected professions in Pakistan is that of a soldier.
  • Be truthful in stating your hobbies. be prepared to answer questions about it.
  1. High light your achievement in sports, NCC and other extracurricular activities.
  2. Current affairs be a regular reader of magazines and newspaper.
  3. When a situation is given to you think and answer is very specific and answer in the most practical way.
  4. Thanks to the Officer for his time before you leave the room.