ISSB Preparation Books pdf Download

ISSB Preparation Books pdf Download

Here we will provide you free ISSB preparation books pdf which will help you prepare for ISSB tests. You can download this ISSB material and ISSB Preparation Books pdf free of cost. Inter Services Selection Board is the selection board in Pakistan which selects the commissioned officers of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy.

ISSB Preparation Books pdf Download

Thousands of candidates appear each year for ISSB and only a few are selected from them. You have to work hard and prepare well if you want to get a recommendation letter from ISSB. You should not only prepare mentally but physically as well because there are both mental and physical tests during your stay at ISSB.

You can get complete guidance of ISSB from our website. You can also get sample material for the preparation of different ISSB tests like word association test, sentence completion test, picture story writing, pointer story writing.

You will also find tips for ISSB interview on our website and you can also find individual obstacles guide which will give you information about individual obstacles and how you can pass the obstacles efficiently.


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We have plenty of MCQs to help you prepared for all tests held in Pakistan and you should definitely explore the website and see that you’ve covered all topics. We provide books for downloads, quizzes to prepared, past papers and others.