ISSB Lecture Topics And Tips

ISSB Lecture Topics And Tips

This task is one of the ISSB GTO indoor tasks. In this task, you and your group are taken to a lecture room where each of the candidates is given a chance to deliver a short lecture. The main purpose of ISSB Lecture Task is to check your confidence and your communication skills. After all, they are going to select an officer and an officer must be capable of making people understand anything with full confidence.

ISSB Lecture Topics And Tips

ISSB Lecture Language:

ISSB Lecture can be delivered in any language mainly Urdu or English. If you are comfortable with English then go for it otherwise deliver the lecture in Urdu.

ISSB Lecture Time:

Every candidate gets a time of maximum 2 minutes. Before delivering the lecture, the candidate is given 2 minutes to think about it outside the room. This is the time when you have to decide the major points of discussion on the given topic. In these 2 minutes, you have to make a rough map of your topics like the introduction, basic details, and conclusion.

ISSB Lecture Topics List

ISSB Lecture Topics are not that difficult. They are general in nature and anyone can speak on it.

Below are few examples of ISSB Lecture Topics for ISSB Preparation.

  • Kia media thrilling news dainy ki koshish Karta hai?
  • Co-Education?
  • Kia Military Operation kar k thek kar rahi hai?
  • Kia Pakistan taraqqi ki raah par gamzan hai?
  • Jamhuriyat Behtar hai ya sharai qanoon?
  • Kia aurat mard ki kamzori hai?
  • Parday ki Ahmiyat.
  • Dehshat gardi kasiay khatam ki jayee?
  • Bharat k sath dosti.
  • Pakistan ki foreign policy?
  • Kya Indian Films Pakistan main dikhani chahien?