In the beginning he worked honestly but later he turned ______ to be a cheat.

A. Out
B. Up
C. For
D. In

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Synonym of Cajole is _____________? A. Flattery B. Embezzle C. Knowledge D. Satiate
Synonym of “prevalent” is _________. A. wind B. servile C. widespread D. rare
Synonym of “impregnable” is ___________. A. vulnerable B. full C. unconquerable D. stern
The antonym of Mammoth is___________? A. Big B. Giant C. Small D. Low
Synonym of Scrumptious _____________? A. Tasty B. Old C. Filthy D. Bumpy
The idiom Hobson’s choice means________? A. The choice of teachers B. Given choice C. No choice at all D. Choice to live or die
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Synonym of Assailant is _____________? A. Jubilant B. Turncoat C. Assaulter D. Reticent
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