I dont agree with you; I think_______________________________?

A. It is fairly good film
B. It is rather a good film
C. It is rather fairly good film
D. It is fairly rather good film

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One who able to use the right and left hands equally well: A. Sinister B. Ambidextrous C. Ambivalent D. Amateur 
The Synonym of Farrago is_____________? A. Fear of strangers B. A confused mixture C. Free of cost D. Synopsis
Backstairs influence means? A. Political influence B. Backing influence C. Deserving and proper influence D. Secret and unfair influence
The agenda for the meeting is __________ the notice A. forwarded in B. subscribed to C. enclosed with D. delivered as
Antonym of Elastic is _____________? A. Yielding B. Rigid C. Mold-able D. Supple
The doctor advised the patient ______________________. A. That no to neglect his health B. To not to neglect his health C. Not to neglect his health D. Don’t neglect your health
Antonym of “accelerate” is _______? A. delay B. risk C. monitor D. deny
Synonym of Cordial is _____________? A. Unpleasant B. Pleasant C. Heart D. Love
Synonym of Wheedle is? A. Fast B. Cajole C. Waive D. Slander
It was he who put “a spoke in my wheel”? A. Tried to cause an accident B. Helped in the execution of the plan C. Thwarted in the execution of the plan D. Destroyed the plan
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