I dont agree with you; I think_______________________________?

A. It is fairly good film
B. It is rather a good film
C. It is rather fairly good film
D. It is fairly rather good film

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What is the meaning of Chastity? A. To abstain from sexual relation B. To engulf in sexual relation C. To whip someone D. To infertile someone 
I ____________a single word he says A. not believe B. don’t believe C. am not believing D. will not believe
I did not ____ to university yesterday. A. went B. go C. gone D. going
Job descriptions are also called as____________? A. Task oriented B. Task analysis C. performance oriented D. Credit analysis
One who able to use the right and left hands equally well: A. Sinister B. Ambidextrous C. Ambivalent D. Amateur 
Not really. I’m quite____________? A. Nearer B. Near C. Next D. Nearly
Sana filled the glass _______ water. A. with B. of C. from D. by
Synonym of Lambast is _____________? A. Entomb B. Reprimand C. Cease D. Forbear
Synonym of Wheedle is? A. Fast B. Cajole C. Waive D. Slander
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