I am exhausted, let’s _________a day.

A. call it
B. call at
C. call off
D. call in

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What is the meaning of big draw? A. A keen contest B. A huge attraction C. A lovely spectacle D. A game without any result
Synonym of Undergo is _____________? A. Lambast B. Thief C. Lay to rest D. Experience
Synonym of PARAGON is _____________? A. Model B. Virtue C. Square D. None
You_________very clear. A. Sound B. Ring C. Hear D. Noise
Usman is afraid ______ dog. A. from B. of C. with D. to
What is the Synonym of Bonhomie? A. Affability B. Big C. Turbulent D. Grope
I am going _____ home. A. at B. to C. towards D. None
Antonym of “Serene” is _________? A. Tranquil B. Calm C. Placid D. Anxious
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