I ____________a single word he says

A. not believe
B. don’t believe
C. am not believing
D. will not believe

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Profigate Antonym is? A. Wildly extravagant B. Dissolute C. Dissipated D. Thrifty
Synonyms of CAMEO A. Funny character B. Minor role C. Type of Fiction D. Sharp tool
Synonym of abandon is _____________? A. Leave B. Abstract C. Abduct D. None of these
THANKS : GRATITUDE : : A. Courtesy : Manners B. Salutation : Flag C. Protest : Resentment D. Trial : Error
Plough a lonely furrow means______________________? A. Remain unaffected B. Do without the help of others C. Survive in isolation D. Remain non-aligned
Don’t__________ – I’ll see you very soon. A. Concern B. Care C. Worry D. Mind
The man ___________down the road is my brother. A. Hurry B. Hurried C. To hurry D. Hurrying
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