First agriculture reforms in Pakistan?

A. June 24, 1959
B. Jan 24, 1956
C. Jan 30, 1959
D. Jan 24, 1959

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Who was the first and the last Chief Executive in the history of Pakistan? A. General Tikka khan B. General Parvaiz Musharraf C. General Raheel Shareef D. General Ayoob Khan
Who Is The First Non Muslim Senator Of Pakistan? A. Krishna kumari B. Sonakshi kumari C. Payal kumari D. Soni kumari
First ever Chinese Newspaper was launched in Pakistan is____________? A. China Daily B. Hushang C. Xinmin D. Shinghai Daily
What is the total area of Pakistan in square kilometers? A. 695095 km² B. 795095 km² C. 796096 km² D. 881,913 km²
The Saraiki language is more dominantly spoken in ________ ? A. North Punjab B. West Punjab C. South Punjab D. East Punjab
Which city is Called the Heart Of Pakistan? A. Islamabad B. Lahore C. Karachi D. Faisalabad
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