Evaporation from ice and snow is known as___________?

A. Evaporation
B. Sublimation
C. Hydrogenation
D. Insolation

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Asia is the largest continent on the earth, it has an area? A. 44,597,000 sq.kmB. 44,391,162 sq.kmC. 44,111,0000 sq.kmD. 39,121,0000 sq.km
The inner most part of the earth is__________? A. Crust B. Mental C. Core D. None of these
Total area of the earth in million Sq Km? A. 490.100B. 350.901C. 510.072D. 630.105
Ratio between oceans and earth by area is? A. 55.5%, 34.5%B. 70.8%, 29.2%C. 73.3%, 22.7%D. 81.7%, 18.3%
Where is the deepest point in the earth’s crust? A. Mariana trenchB. Tonga trenchC. Grand canyonD. None of these
The deepest part of earth is ? A. Caspian SeaB. Peninsula ValdesC. Mariana TrenchD. Strait of Mallaca
Highest part of the earth is? A. Trich MirB. K-2C. Mount EverestD. Kilimanjaro
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