Biology MCQs For Entry Test Preparation (Chapter Wise)

Biology MCQs preparation is very important for students who want to pursue their career in the medical field. In MDCAT and ETEA, NUMS and other medical entry tests, biology test is conducted. This test is objective type and consists of Biology MCQs.

Biology MCQs

We will provide you MCQs of Biology topics, so you can prepare accordingly. The entrance test is very important as it has the highest weightage in the overall percentage. If you got fewer marks in your Fsc, you need to work hard and perform better in your entry test in order to get admission in medical college.

Biology Topics Wise MCQs

Below is the list of Biology Topics and you can find MCQs for all Biology Topics which are necessary for test preparation. Click on the respective topic to get MCQs of that topic. Each topic has hundreds of biology questions and answers multiple choice.

We have segregated these MCQs topic wise so students can prepare better by selecting their required topic and preparing topic wise for their entry test. Almost all topics of Biology are included in the list. If some topic is missing you can tell us by commenting below so we can add that topic in future.

List Of Biology Topics

Following is the list of Biology topics for entry test preparation.

  1. Biology Introduction MCQs
  2. Biology Diagnostic Test MCQs
  3. Biological Molecules MCQs
  4. Enzymes MCQs
  5. The Cell MCQs
  6. The Variety of Life MCQs
  7. Kingdom Monera MCQs
  8. Kingdom Protista MCQs
  9. Kingdom Fungi MCQs
  10. Kingdom Plantae MCQs
  11. Kingdom Animalia MCQs
  12. Bioenergetics MCQs
  13. Nutrition MCQs
  14. Gaseous Exchange MCQs
  15. Transport MCQs
  16. Homeostasis MCQs
  17. Support and Movement MCQs
  18. Coordination and Control MCQs
  19. Reproduction MCQs
  20. Growth and Development MCQs
  21. Chromosome and DNA MCQs
  22. Cell Cycle MCQs
  23. Variation and Genetics MCQs
  24. Biotechnology MCQs
  25. Man and His Environment MCQs
  26. Evolution MCQs
  27. Ecosystem MCQs
  28. Major Ecosystems MCQs