Antares is one of the largest known ___________?

A. Quasars Star
B. Pulsars Star
C. White Dwarfs Star
D. Red Super-giants Star

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What is the approximate age of moon? A. 4.51 billion years B. 4.55 billion years C. 4.53 billion years D. 4.57 billion years
PSR J0108-1431 is the closest known ______________ to Earth? A. Black hole B. Red giant C. Quasar D. Pulsar
Nearest galaxy to milky way Galaxy is ________? A. Messier 81 B. Andromeda C. Triangulum D. Whirlpool
What is the Diameter of Sun? A. 1.2 million kms B. 1.3 million kms C. 1.4 million kms D. 1.5 million kms
Approximate age of sun is _________? A. 4.4 billion years B. 4.5 billion years C. 4.6 billion years D. 4.7 billion years
The large dark patches on the Moon’s surface are known as___________? A. Dark matter B. Maria, or seas, even though there is no water on the Moon C. Maria, or seas, because they are filled with water D. Moon spots
What causes the Moon’s phases? A. The Sun lights up only one half of the Moon and as the Moon orbits the Earth we can sometimes see the unlit side of the Moon. B. The Sun lights up...
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