____________your instruction, we have closed your bank account.

A. In lieu
B. With regard to
C. In accordance with
D. On account of

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Synonym of ” Pledge ” is _____________? A. Outclass B. Vow C. Plunder D. Compensate E. Atone
Synonym of Canny is? A. Clever B. thin C. Fast D. Slow
What is the Synonym of Gingerly? A. Cautiously B. Retrospectively C. Hectically D. Carelessly
The agenda for the meeting is __________ the notice A. forwarded in B. subscribed to C. enclosed with D. delivered as
I am going _____ home. A. at B. to C. towards D. None
Synonym of prevalence is _________? A. Felony B. Transgression C. Sabotage D. Commonness
What is the Synonym of Ravage? A. Annoy B. Ruin C. Popular D. Predator
Synonym of “Crucifixion” is _________. A. contentment B. happiness C. execution D. gassing
It is already 8 o’clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus? A. have it in B. have enough C. Make it in D. made it
The Synonym of Meek is? A. Tame B. Stingy C. Jab D. Frail
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